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Revitalizing Shine Spray

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A lightweight micro mist infused with healing Agave plant sugars. Revitalizing Shine Spray delivers instant, lightweight shine in a convenient spray application. Ideal for all hair and skin types, it hydrates dry, damaged hair, smoothes flyaways and frizz, and create a lustrous look. No paraben, sulfates and phthalates.


What It Is:

  • A Lightweight micro mist infused with healing agave plant sugars

What It does:

  • Creates brilliance for dull hair 
  • Hydrates dry, damaged hair 
  • Smooths fly-away and frizz 

Who It's for:

  • Ideal for all type of  hair: Fine, medium, and coarse.

Good to Know:

  • Revitalizing shine spray is loaded with agave plant Sugars that help heal, control and smooth 
  • Unlike heavier aragn oil-based products, agave plant sugars do not weigh hair down. 
  • Agave plant sugars hydrates hair and preserve hair color.
  • Agave plant sugars penetrate deep into the hair shaft while sealing the outer cuticle.

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